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CRETE – Rethymno

ISBN: 9789464072754



Everyone knows the Greek islands, of which Crete is the largest and best known. But there are still so many unknown treasures to be discovered in this enchanting region. Eric Spaens stayed there many times over the past fifteen years. As a result, he came to know not only an outstanding holiday paradise pampered by the weather gods but also a region with social and amicable inhabitants.In this book, Eric takes you to Rethimnon, the smallest and most pure of Crete’s four regional units. The capital, called Rethimnon, will enchant you with its beautiful houses, some lovely mosques, attractive museums, stately churches, pleasant beaches and a Venetian fortress. However, the absolute hotspot is the romantic and nostalgic harbour. This city is bustling with activity and energy by day and night.He suggests eight itineraries. He walks in Rethimnon-city along with known, less known, and even unknown places in the first one. In the following seven itineraries, he searches for the soul of these people. He didn’t find it on crowded beaches, but in history, abbeys, gorges, caves, archaeological sites, kafenia, mountains, plains, mythology, the inhabitants and their eating habits. You will get to know a region where, as with us in the past, you can still discover by car the beautiful nature and the social dimension of humanity.He doesn’t go looking for hotels or restaurants. Still, in every itinerary, he treats you to a visit to an excellent place to eat, a kafenion or a small tavern with a perfect price-quality ratio. And because pictures say more than words, he selected the best 500 from his private archive. This region of Crete is sure to charm you. Discover with him the less known side of this paradise.

Auteur(s): Eric Spaens
ISBN: 9789464072754
Uitvoering: Hardback
Aantal pagina’s: 594
Uitgever: Pumbo.nl B.V.
Publicatiedatum: 4 april 2022
Taal: Engels


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