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The Long Road To Cullaville

ISBN: 9789038928395



This book consists of a number of individual stories. But the man Boris Kester is the main character in every story. It sounds like a huge job to visit all countries in the world. So that turns out to be an understatement. He falls in love in Yemen, he is held captive in Iran on a military base and in South Africa he miraculously survives a car accident. In Gabon, it takes a struggle with a cop to get his passport back, and while trying to get a visa to Nauru, he is assaulted by a woman the size of a hippopotamus.In this book Boris Kester takes you along on his breathtaking travels, you get to look over the shoulder of a modern Jules Verne.

Ondertitel: Stories from my travels to every country in the world
Auteur(s): Boris Kester
ISBN: 9789038928395
Uitvoering: Paperback / softback
Aantal pagina’s: 272
Uitgever: Elmar B.V., Uitgeverij
Publicatiedatum: 2 februari 2023
Taal: Engels


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