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Traces Towards the Horizon

ISBN: 9789038928463



Brink expresses his experiences in such evocative terms that you get the impression you are there with him and experiencing it yourself: from an avalanche on Mount Everest to a stay with a nomadic family on the Mongolian steppe, from a trip through the dark forests of Fiordland to a descent into a Bolivian silver mine or a demonic ritual in Peru. In the meantime, we become part of his fascination for untouched wilderness, strange cultures and remarkable lifestyles.This book is so much more than a travel and adventure story. It is a remarkable insight in the life of a man who’s world collapsed, and his journey towards new goals.

Ondertitel: A Journey around the World
Auteur(s): Bastiaan Brink
ISBN: 9789038928463
Uitvoering: Paperback / softback
Aantal pagina’s: 264
Uitgever: Elmar B.V., Uitgeverij
Publicatiedatum: 31 januari 2023
Taal: Engels


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